Chuna produces stories for children and teenagers.

The educational stories can easily be integrated into lessons. The diverse themes offer a welcome change to the everyday life at nursery and primary school.


Unhealthy food is a dominating feature of everyday life. Amongst other things, Chuna deals with the theme “healthy food” and shows why it is important not just to eat fast food.

Chuna get-togethers in Cham

Every last Saturday in the month there is a Nutty get-together in Cham, ZG. Stories of Nutty are told concerning themes such as hygiene, environment, recycling, garden / plants, music, sport, safety, responsibility, culture, travel, healthy food, learning and recreation.

Promotes independent thinking

A good start in life thanks to an all-round education

Nutty stories for children

Politically and religiously neutral teaching material

Themes from everyday life

Stories which are closely connected to the world of children.

Our Objectives

Our organization was founded with the objective of developing and producing stories for children which would accompany them on their journey through life.

Providing knowledge which enriches the everyday life of children.

Knowledge is the key to a successful life. Each theme which Chuna addresses with the help of Nutty is enriched with information that children can integrate in a playful way into their daily life.

Making young people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Some of our books provide positive ideas for healthy eating and well-being.

Providing knowledge regardless of social background

The visual as well as the written contents of the Nutty books appeal to all children, regardless of where they live. They provide knowledge and entertainment, even for children from a disadvantaged background.

Future chances for everybody

We are a company which aims at a social balance where all people have the same chances. To achieve this aim, we depend on your help.


Fundraising plans

A donor has the possibility of specifying exactly what a donation should be used for; for example, for translation work, for the development of new themes, for books and teaching material for disadvantaged nursery or primary schools, for the development of neutral, non-violent games, for the development of jigsaw puzzles or for environmental projects.

Become a voluntary helper

We are looking for volunteer teachers in various countries who would like to introduce our teaching material into their environment.

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