We have no choice when or where we come into this world.

It is the duty of us grown-ups to respect our children, to look after them, to protect them and to provide them with tricks and precious knowledge, so that one day they can be independent.


I am not the only one to have been subjected to abuse as a child. The fact that I fought against it cost me dearly in the form of mental and emotional trauma.

Trust in yourself.

I lost my trust in everyone. My future plans were as dark as the stormy weather over the British Isles. In spite of the immense psychological pressure, however, I thought: “Life must go on.”

Through hard work and discipline I was able to get over my mental pain, the anger and the lack of education. The lost years at school have often had repercussions, though, and were almost my undoing.


My energy strengthened my sense of responsibility, so that I was able to smooth the way for my children into a bright future. My children grew up with the same sense of responsibility, becoming good citizens of this planet. Then, suddenly, they became aware of my lack of basic education. This was like a dagger piercing my heart.
“My past had caught up with me.”

The will to achieve

This was the moment I decided to turn my experiences into something positive, something that would provide children with knowledge at an early age and that would actively prepare them for life’s journey. Six years ago, I found the courage to make a start on this work under the name “Nutty” (Natty in German). It has been, and is, difficult. Much has happened, but I am making progress.

Stumbling blocks

As my life work began to take shape and I began to present it to people, my past reared its head again.
A lady with 40 years of teaching experience berated me, saying that I had no right to create an educational project. “You have hardly had any education.”
“She was going to take steps to make sure it would not succeed.”
A kindergarten teacher lectured me for a whole hour. She had a master’s degree and her kindergarten pupils (4 to 6 years old) would now be learning algebra.

Is the world a good place?

I am still employed in the catering business and invest my earnings in my life work. One day, while having a break in a café on the Paradeplatz in Zurich, I was sunk in thought. A gentleman interrupted my thoughts and asked if I was worried about something. I replied: “Not really worried, but 100,000 francs would help me with my project.” He looked at me and said: “100,000 francs is what I sometimes spend in an evening.” He took out his chequebook. A few seconds past and he asked me: “What sort of project?” In my open and cheerful manner I proudly told him what I was doing. His face turned to stone. He retorted: “No. No-one is going to ruin my business. I don’t care if people beat each other over the head, as long as it doesn’t happen on my doorstep. I make millions with my business.” He threw a 20 franc note on to the table and left the café. An elderly couple shook their heads and apologized for the man’s behaviour.


My travels have brought me face to face with the harsh reality of many parts of the world, including countries in Africa and South America. No wonder we are still stuck in chaos and, unfortunately, continue to foster it.
A quote from Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Because of this quote I am more determined than ever not to give up. And this determination is beginning to bear fruit. Gradually the Chuna materials are being accepted and used in various schools.


Perhaps you can see an integral part for the future, that you yourself are looking for, in my work. Here you have the opportunity to have a positive effect on future generations: establishing a new way of thinking, which will provide our children and grandchildren with a brighter future.
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