Nutty stories for children

For children between 3 and 8 years

With inspiring pictures and entertaining texts based on everyday life, Nutty provides children with the possibility to explore and understand the world they live in.

Nutty encourages positive thinking!

Each video corresponds to the books. They entertain and explain the contents.


Free downloads of worksheets, colouring activities and other games based on each story keep children busy for hours.


Nutty helps children to learn other languages in a playful way, which will help them in their future life.

Free downloads with suggestions are available for parents and teachers. These help to get the most out of each story.

Teaching material

Nutty fans have the chance to play games on the website. The puzzles are based on the Nutty stories. These encourage children to learn patience while having fun as the pictures slowly form piece by piece.

Jigsaw puzzles

In an entertaining way children get to learn about everyday life and other cultures. The contents are always politically and religiously neutral.

Nutty books

The stories offer many opportunities for merchandise to help children’s development, encourage healthy eating and to promote physical and mental health.


Chuna is developing a series of non-violent and politically neutral games.