Nutty stories provide information that inspires children and also helps them in their everyday life; for example, wearing the right shoes and learning how to tie laces. How can we benefit from nature? Why is it important to just look at wild flowers and not pick them? How can you make use of a mobile phone without losing the direct contact with people?


Mr Roesti: “advanced content” shows how we can learn from stories, and how this knowledge can lead to a harmonious life and a better future. Why, for example, are huge areas of land being cleared and what are they being used for? Why has so much raw material been wasted with no long-term benefit? Why are mental arithmetic and handwriting so important, even in this digital age?


Felix fables are stimulating, amusing stories full of fantasy based on our view of the world. “Behind the Wall”, for example, is a children’s story with traumatic consequences. “Reunion of Two Elephants” is a story for teenagers which brings together animals and people.